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Die Schäfer - 1,2,3 - Immer Wieder Sonntags (Aug.30. 2015)

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"Die Schäfer" are a German music group, which is assigned to the field of popular music. Her trademark is the barefoot appearance in shepherd costumes.
From a Customs group, which was in Bretten (Karlsruhe district) at home, founded the merchant Thomas Rotfuß and police Chief Superintendent Uwe Erhardt 1990 together with Heike Bühler, Sabine Dorwarth and Edith fear the music group "Die Schäfer". Their first single was called Hold on the Sunbeam 1991 followed the first album as well as the participation in the Superhitparade of folk music. This group became known to a wider audience. The three women left in 1992, the group and were replaced by Christine, Carla Scheithe and Gabi Neukam. But Christine did not stay long and was replaced by Claudia. In addition to Thomas and Uwe henceforth belonged Gabi Neukum, occupational physiotherapist and physical education teacher, and the nurse Claudia Ulrich the band. In the meantime, the group was already a permanent resident in many folk music broadcasts.
1998 Gabi left the group and Bianca app has been added. Finally, in 2000, also left the founding member Thomas Rothfuss the group to start a solo career. His place was taken by Michael Kastel. 2003 then left the Claudia Schäfer. For she came Carla Scheithe so that the formation reached its present members. The group has published since 1991, almost every year a new album and is always a welcome guest at TV and Radio.
On 17 May 2007, the group won with their song All God has given us the German preliminary decision to the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 2007. Die Schäfer who thus represented alongside three other performers Germany at the international event on August 25 in Vienna.

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