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DJI Phantom 3 - First Flight

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Danke für Deine Bewertung!

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Here's a nice edited video of footage from that first day. It's much better footage than what you see here.

This is my very first flight of any drone or quad copter ever. I was pretty nervous and even had a few close calls. Luckily, DJI makes things so easy a monkey could probably fly it. A smart monkey.

I had a few technical issues and forgot to start video recording on the drone for the initial flight, but turned it on about halfway through.

So far, this thing is pretty damn amazing. It's not difficult to fly, but I'm not ready to say it's easy. It's going to take some time to train my brain and fingers to do what I want it to do according to what my eyes see.

I'll be posting more videos as I get better and record more interesting things.

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