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DJi Phantom 4 Adventure Series #11 Quarry Flight 2

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Welcome to the my DJi Phantom 4 Adventure Series videos showing draw dropping scenery and beautiful vistas. The DJi Phantom 4 records natively in 4k resolution at 30FPS, and this enables a level of outstanding detail. I prefer the smoother playback of 60FPS and this video has been recorded using 1080P at 60FPS. I am flying with FPV at a maximum altitude of 400ft.

The quadcopter/drone/uav is absolutely stunning, it's very easy to fly and has many new features to assist with safety when flying. The camera quality is second to none, I really like the image quality and stability system, it enables me to film amazing landscapes with ease!
This model has active track, gps tracking, sonar, image positioning, and object avoidance technologies. Overall it is amazing and I can't recommend one enough to anyone interested in buying one.

All Phantom 4 videos are recorded and created with the CAA authority in mind. The videos are designed for entertainment purposes only, and every opportunity has been taken to fly safely and responsibly.

Quarry flight 1:

Northamptonshire Countryside.
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