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I’m Mike and this is my channel MAKING IT HAPPEN. I am a daily vlogger from Europe. I currently run and own a specialty coffee shop and advertising agency. I vlog about my journey of launching a company in the States and making our dreams come true. Our journey to MAKING IT HAPPEN.

I love to keep fit, eat fantastic food and to share our success story. With this channel I want to encourage other to also realize their dreams and goals and maybe find the courage to start a business and share how to be successful.

During my daily activities I share things like:
How to start a business,
How to run a business,
How to be successful,
How to be an entrepreneur,
How to stay healthy,
How to book cheap airfare,
Workout routines,
and much more.

We currently have a space in Miami Beach and travel back and forth between there and Austria.

Subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram - lets embark on this mission together!

Frequently asked questions:

What camera do you film with?
My main camera is a Canon 80D and Canon G7x but I film other stuff with my Canon 6D and my Gopro

What are my top 5 tipps for starting a business?

How to stay motivated?

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