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Fady Maalouf-Lascia ch'io pianga

Carmen Schwery |

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Fady Maalouf-Lascia chi\'o pianga ( from his new album : Indigo )
Spotify : o-Fady-Maalouf/dp/B0757RZBYT/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506982088&sr=8-1&keywords=f ady+maalouf+indigo

Electro meets Opera, an avant-garde and rebellious version of this very famous Aria composed by \' George Frideric Handel \' that has been sung by various artists over decades and Centuries till this day.

The free spirited \'Fady Maalouf\' breaks boundaries by combining his love for Electronic music and his passion for Classical Singing.

His edgy and powerful countertenor voice differs from others male sopranists by his provocative attitude and his refusal to conform to customs, traditions and the notion of \'fitting in \'.

find his album \' Indigo \' on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and many more ...

Song : produced, mixed and mastered by : Dennis Schäfer
Fady Maalouf\'s vocals were recorded @fuseroom recording Studio Berlin

Label : @plattenlabel.timezone

Video : camera and editing by @Z-ENTERTAINMENT

a special thank you for
and @MusicAndArtBerlin for the amazing support.

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